Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Duel of sexy girls in the Malaga Film Festival: Elena Anaya against Blanca Suarez

suarez bklanca foreground malaga

Maybe the presentation of the Festival is not all looks convincing us, but certainly there are two Spanish actresses that always seem to look good, and on the Red Carpet Film Festival of Malaga, has been careful as possible. I do not know if they will be well advised by a stylist or style wine are standard along with his beautiful face and hot body of infarction (If so, and it, grab both). Elena Anaya against Blanca Suarez is it can be more sexy?

Blanca Suarez teaching Angelina Jolie made ​​a leg with a long black dress she wore to the spectacular.

malaga black dress white suarez

During the day preferred to white, with a short dress too rococo.

white short white malaga suarez

Elena Anaya preferred short for the big night of the festival. She knows that her legs deserve to be taught and picked up his prize with a flirty dress in nude tones and details of flowers, her back exposed.

elena anaya short malaga

In the morning also wore ten in a yellow dress and sandals pink egg pattern by contrast. Very sexy two right? Impossible to choose one.

elena anaya day malaga

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