Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Emma Watson becomes rock

Emma Watson

Far is the childhood image of the formerly known as Hermione. Emma Watson has long since become a benchmark of style for many people with just years behind. Curious, at least. He is now rolling, with Kirsten Dunst as a partner, under the command of a new Sofia Coppola film, 'The Bling Ring' in which style changes completely.

Emma Watson top

I do not remember ever seeing Emma Watson as rock and modern but it can defend. From tops, shorts with low back and very short and a black leather jacket with zippers for very masculine. Not bad combination, except for those zebra print sandals I am not convinced but in tune with the tone of the look.

Emma Watson look

Emma Watson Hair

A nice change of style has given Emma Watson after spending a time with short hair as his symbol.

Look purchases

Some ideas to get the same combination, except the sandals that I refuse to recommend something.


To continue enjoying Saturday.

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