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Farewell and close the Malaga Film Festival: finally get the looks in style

alonso clear malaga

Last night was the closing gala of the Malaga Film Festival and at last we have seen a few looks worthy of a red carpet. And what has cost us. Because there are actresses who can do well and correct each event, while others, well, it seems that fail even as a joke. As a result, we have had days that have been at least looks puzzling. A short, others long, and each in its Ball. Good thing the label last night was clear. So we thank looks as bright as the beautiful Clara Alonso .

The model wore veils and transparencies as few can do. That dress, however, it sounds a lot but do not remember to whom we have seen before.

alonso clear malaga2

On the Red Carpet also saw the young Carmina (Ana Caldas) in the series recently broadcast on television, with a beautiful pearl gray dress with gold accessories. I loved that hairstyle, to copy it for any upcoming wedding.

ana caldas malaga

Fuchsia also saw one of the stars in Physics or Chemistry. A pretty boring choice, with strapless neckline and lots of gauze.

Fuchsia malaga

Ana Goenaga much better, with an original and natural choice as itself.

Goenaga ana malaga

Ana Maria Polvorosa, however, skated with this mono tone nude and black accents. This vintage style does not suit her.

ana dusty malaga

Best white, thought Ana Rujas with this classic dress with flower brooch detail at the hip.

ana Rujas malaga

Angy Fernandez preferred to go for the big day long and black. Teaching leg, as he now leads, and with much care plataformones. We give you the pass, although not entirely convinced us.

angy fernandez closing malaga

Which itself has my blessing is the great Dafne Fernandez . The truth is that the girl is very smart and has a model body, but that dress so sexy, with transparency, optical sections and the leopard skin effect can make you fall into vulgarity, but it suited her beautifully.

Dafne Fernandez closing malaga

Elena Ballesteros marred a sweet pink color dress with leather jacket. In this case, the play of contrasts was unfortunate.

Elena Ballesteros malaga

Bravo Bravissimo in exchange for Elia Galera, with a bright green dress Angel Schlesser.

elia galera malaga

Goya Toledo marveled at its beauty and elegance, but not surprising, because it was well, but this style of dress with shiny nude, draped, sweetheart neckline and have seen it a thousand times to her and others.

goya toledo closing malaga

Inma Cuesta said with a Greek-inspired pleated dress in a subtle shade of gray, crowned with the usual Hellenic braids. Beautiful.

Closing costs immature malaga

Also be redeemed for failed elections the previous day Norma Ruiz with this long red dress and hairdo that love in troubled times. Progressing well.

standard closing ruiz malaga

Natalia Verbeke was not wrong with a lady style lace and transparencies. Very lady.

Natalia Verbeke malaga

I conclude with my favorite threesome. I have a weakness for Manuela Velasco , who is out of the conventional with a yolk-colored dress and a striking necklace.

Manuela Velasco malaga

Maria Leon is also proving that it is good at both acting and stylish girl. That wonderful blue dress to match her sweet eyes. And I also ask the collar.

malaga maria leon

And we finish the review Malaga with Silvia Alonso , with nothing obvious dress in shades of large lunar sea on which stands a striking yellow handbag.

silvia alonso closing malaga

Until next time, Malaga!

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