Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fashion & Blogs 100: 100 posts, thousands of blogs and millions of ideas

emma watson my daily style

It seems like yesterday when we started with the special Fashion and blogs in which we look at the best posts from the blogosphere and we've reached 100 posts. And, as the title says, are a hundred posts, but there are thousands of blogs every day there are new, and they all bring us millions of ideas, tracks, trends that follow, looks to admire, shopping for our closet, news to know or things to learn about the wonderful world of fashion. So this post is dedicated to all bloggers and blog fans all who read us.

This weekly review we started with the trend of the mixtures of prints from my friend Be Trendy . Emma Watson and My daily style shows that are good and the image reflects what is already a reality: the style bloggers are the same height that celebs like prescribing style. Fascinate us all alike.

We still have a blog that began long ago stopped publishing for a while and now back stronger than ever, which we welcome. Size 38 us your book recommendations particularly fashionable to celebrate the April 23, World Book Day.

christian dior and I book

Our colleague Fellow of Fashion brings in his blog hints about a trend that can come back: the military, with the camouflage print head. I'm trembling, because even I have nightmares about this trend from the previous time it was fashionable. But if voguettes get with it ...

camouflage trend

From the blog Clochet , and the merits of a beautiful Biarritz, we discovered one of the many reasons why we love so much personal style blogs. Because we see how to combine items to make them look different. A deceptively simple look different because it becomes a colorful necklace ethnic type . A look for the best.

clochet biarritz

How accurate are the tips that da Rosa from The estilario about a look for a fellowship. Nude + coral dress jacket I'm crazy!

communion set

If these bloggers take us out of trouble thousand. That's why we are so grateful. Thanks for the work you do from your blogs, the vast majority of the time without expecting anything in return.

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