Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Fashion books to celebrate World Book Day

Alexander McQueen

I take the witness Total Free until his return to the team with the intention of recommending a number of fashion books to enjoy the day of the book, a good date to give yourself a treat from that list that my partner has been recommending and a good sure you have many outstanding to purchase.

The significance of changes

Changes in fashion

Although fashion can be seen from the point of view frivolous, this sector continues to be a representation of many values ​​of society and therefore a true reflection of the evolution of this. Fashion has been undergoing fundamental changes as a function of political, social and cultural worth knowing because the importance of context is crucial.

  • Book: 100 Ideas that changed the fashion.
  • Author: Harriet Worsley.
  • Editorial Blume .
  • Buy on Amazon: 23.40 euros .

A key story

Fashion 150

As context, it is necessary to joining dots and discover that not everything comes from nothing or by passing fads. The great designers and brands are there for a past that deserves to be revisited to understand many of their movements today.

  • Book: Fashion: 150 Years of couturiers, Designers, Labels.
  • Author: Charlotte Seeling.
  • Publisher: hf Ullmann.
  • Buy at Amazon: $ 37.79 .

The designers and creators


Trademarks are many, very few artists. The proof is in the constant changing of seats which in recent years has settled in fashion, as a method of attracting attention, and many designers spend at the end of the story. Today is a good day to know the biography of one of them. I hesitate to none so I choose both.

  • Books: 'Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty', Cristobal Balenciaga: the forging of the Master (1895-1936).
  • Author: Andrew Bolton; Look Arzalluz.
  • Publisher: Metropolitan Museum of Art; Nerea.
  • Buy at: Amazon for $ 31.50 , in Casa del Libro 34.20 euros .

The importance of marketing

Fashion Marketing

For me, marketing is crucial today in any industry, especially in the fashion world, where marketing is key to creating the image and style of life of the brand. All is well calculated and designed to express certain values ​​and not others. Hence the marketing acts as a medium to be discovered in order to find the explanation of some moves by the industry.

  • Book: Fashion Marketing.
  • Author: Harriet Posner.
  • Editorial: GQ Fashion.
  • Home Buy the book: 31.50 euros .

Secrets of the photographers


The fashion photographers are key in building any business. Many are those who create the final image we will remember for years. And that's priceless. Everyone has their method of work, their inspiration, their external commands ...

  • Book: Fashion and advertising.
  • Author: Magdalene Keaney.
  • Editorial: Ocean Amber.
  • Buy on Amazon: 21.60 euros .

The Top 5 Recommended Free Total


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