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Festival des Métiers. An encounter with the craftsmen of Hermès.


There are few occasions in which you can enjoy live and live to see how the craftsmen of one of the brands with more charm and mythical history of the world of fashion as Hermès. The occasion was unique. The exhibition was held in Madrid from 24th to 28th April in the Carlos Foundation Antwerp and free admission. I'm sure the exhibition was a success because on Saturday when I was full of people, it was almost impossible to take a picture. I hope many of you tuvierais the opportunity to see and if not, here I bring a "patchwork" of exposure. Hope you enjoy.

Body for Hermès saddles Hermès saddles

Brief History of Hermès

Hermès scarves Hermès scarves

Hermès was founded in 1837 by Thiery Hermès. The Sr.Hermès began making saddles for horses that had a great success. Hermès brand is dedicated from its inception to the completion of luxury leather goods. Beginning in 1880, Hermès became a supplier to the world media elites. In 1914, 80 craftsmen worked for Hermès. 1922 created the first leather bag. On the 20 Hermès and enjoyed great prestige.

hermès2 Hermès scarves

In 1935, created the Sac à dépêches bag, and two years later Carré Hermès scarves. In the 1950, the company acquired its logo with the horse carriage, and designed his famous orange boxes that come with their products.

hermes4 Skin for Birkin bags

In 1966 the actress Grace Kelly appeared in Life magazine with the famous Sac à dépêches bag from the brand then renamed the bag as a "Kelly Bag". Also own one of the most legendary handbags fashion history by sigh that almost all women, the Birkin bag, named after actress Jane Birkin .. At the end of the 70 hired Eric Bergere and Bernard Sanz as designers of the brand.

hermes3 Artisan removing Hermès watch

The craftsmen of Hermès made handbags, watches, dishes, scarves, jewelry and so on. Behind the woman have been collections of designers like Martin Margiela, Gaultier and Christophe Lemaire now. The Hermès family has always been his motto is:

"In Hermes we do not like to define ourselves as a luxury goods company, but as a team of craftsmen with added value." Patrick Thomas (CEO of Hermès)

Festival des Métiers. An encounter with the craftsmen of Hermès.

hermes5 Tools for a bag "Birkin"

The exhibition could enjoy several spaces where artisans, its factories in France, as did their jobs showing step by step. The hours that costs them "build" a bag or assemble and disassemble a watch. Really the essence of Hermès craftsmen are their own, I was surprised that some of them were quite young. The artisans of exposure are not known, have never worked together, each belongs to a different craft workshop. The brand takes good care of their craft, they enjoy and love their work, both show that passion to the public. Hermès exclusive power and craftsmanship of their products. Artisans are the star of the house Hermès.

The artisans and their creations



Hermès began with the saddles. Make one of your chairs takes about 24 hours and is sewn by hand. The saddles are made using traditional methods without leaving aside the new technologies.



The eye of the glassware is made ​​of Lorraine, Saint-Louis crystal. Crystal polished gold with an agate stone and hand painted piece by piece.




The craft also porcelain painted by hand each piece with a mixture of pigments with turpentine. Each piece is painting about 6 hours.



In the exhibition the craft of jewelry section showed how to make Collier de chien bracelet with 999 diamonds. The artisan will crimping each stone one by one with the aid of a microscope. A very delicate and expensive.




The craft mounted and dismounted watch the bowels of watches like that. Rarely used magnifying glasses to work and each watch has nearly two days to do it.



The case of handbags and leather goods from Hermès is fascinating. See the process of a Birkin is amazing. The bags are dotted with the famous "stitch Hermès" which costs 8 years perfecting it. Make a Birkin costs about 48 hours and good money.


The Hermès scarves bob has a very interesting creative process. Everything starts with the selection of silk worms for product realization and continues with drawings done by creative and need the approval of central Paris, then the colors chosen and testing of pigments on the canvas, printing , drying etc. ...

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