Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Halftime with love ... do not hate this time is the best style to wear!

white lace dress denim

The spring weather is crazy. The same rain that the sun shines, you get up to 7 degrees at noon and more than 25 degrees ... In denifitiva, getting dressed every morning is crazy. But do not hate this season of halftime. No big deal. It also lets you do lots of combinations and many costume tests. The bloggers give us ideas.

From Germany, hippie loves Fashion gives us a good clue to survive the meantime: the denim jackets. On a delicate lace dress add a touch more casual dress lady.

It is summer or winter, but quite the opposite, so take advantage to wear summer clothes and winter together. The mixtures are no obvious results. For example, combines a summer white skirt with a blouse of moles you got on sale last winter. Result, a ten for chuchus's blog.

chuchus white skirt

This is good time to experience the trends of the summer before we finish them saturated. Mixed with the sobriety of winter garments, shirts are not as showy flowers. It is also good time to release sandals and show them off with pants instead of dresses, there will be time for this summer.

shirts winter flowers

A skirt with color remind us that summer is about time but still not give us much joy (at least in the north).

yellow skirt

During halftime we wear summer dresses with tights and dresses winter without them (after application of a good self tanner, of course). On the good side at halftime!

chuchus flower dress

chuchus dress

Photos | Fashion hippie loves , chuchus's Blog

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