Thursday, April 26, 2012

Here Gossip Girl: new looks of myocardial most beloved girls!


How happy I am every week with new releases of Gossip Girl! And while I can only dream of their outfits could never wear them because I like to see them and inspire me with my beloved (and appreciated) closet. A little inspiration ... et voilà! A new look every day with tap Blair or Serena (depends on my day and my mood) but always being myself. Never losing sight of my own essence. And now my ideas were a little stagnant, that's why I'm glad to see new pictures!

And although I have always confessed faithful follower of Blair, lately I do not think so divine as to leave earlier. It has lost its essence, its preppy style which I loved, but their outfits are still impossible but adorable. That's why I start to post more in Serena (and its enviable mane). This time, so, I become the team B: the more posh blonde across the Big Apple did not convince Ahab to that coat in shades of green, leggings and high boots ...


Had you seen Blair in a dress so short a time? I did not and the truth that feels good, though it would be better with a little skirt ... But still I love this Herve Leger .


The high society parties obviously still present

And talk about Gossip Girl, inevitably speak of holidays full of glamor and class where the tail and long dresses with paillettes are a constant. This time could not be otherwise, applications and garments are the protagonists.


Any surprise that I take? Serena looks so demure little black dress with a neckline without any. Is she mature?


What outfit you stay? Do you were expecting more?

Photos | The CW
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