Monday, April 30, 2012

The image of Spain in the 2012 London Olympics

One of the recurring problems of Spanish fashion is its lack of international exposure. Excite is a tremendous problem and not get link marked "Spain" with concepts such as quality and elegance spontaneously quickly as it does with other countries like Italy or France. In others, the concepts that are linked may be the simplicity and ease with modernity United States or England. In Spain does not exist.

Ralph Lauren

We are now in the countdown to the London Olympics and the participating countries have submitted their athletes wear uniforms during the opening ceremony and during competitions, broadcasts to be seen by millions of people around the world.

And some countries have been said that the Games is a unique opportunity to reinforce that image. United States repeated a third time with Ralph Lauren . Italy wears Armani except its sailors that will do Prada and is well known that linking the brand with the sport. UK hosting the Games and sold to the world as the greenest of history attached to the echo by definition designer, Stella McCartney .


But Spain. Spain will do a lot of sports equipment with the chance to become uglier than step on the Olympic Stadium in London, not to mention the cutrez presentation to the media was done with a full balance Mannequins street. And also signed by a Russian sports brand called Bosco.

The same country that leads the Olympic delegation to athletes who are wearing brand image another as is the case with Rafa Nadal Armani.

Another missed opportunity for the Spanish fashion industry and all the way to show their full capacity. And the truth, not the time to go shooting opportunities.

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