Thursday, April 19, 2012

The importance of uniform in a music festival

Prada - You like the TWILIGHT such that? - Who? - That one.

Festivalera season has begun. The Coachella Festival is the main event of all that we expect ahead. In Spain, the list is large and the SOS 4.8 is one of the first major events to be warming up to the concert there will be rain in just months. Given this bustle, weddings and graduation preparations are in the background. We must choose the best uniforms to go to such and such a festive and it's not easy.

Comfort is the least

T Wang T comoditat.

Funny how the festivals have gone on to become a must on holiday for many. And of course, that's not just for the music you have on stage, but everything around them. So no surprise that comfort is not important in an event of such proportions (perhaps vacation is to relax?).

Sure, you go to Primavera Sound and no longer found women strangely pristine with heels of more than 15 centimeters. Very useful, yes. Especially when a scenario is the other side of campus (which, fortunately, is paved, except for a part) and you have to stand there all day. If I just died and I have a comfortable shoe I do not know how it is possible to survive (for me some Festis are pure survival) with 15 centimeters below the heels.

Son, take a cardigan

Rykiel I am told that the bike is in fashion.

When personal brilliance adds a simple base that is not usually meet, "Son, take a cardigan." The child is not wearing it. The child has just frozen at 5 in the morning. And the same with her: daughter without cardigan. Daughter frost. Daughter also has 15 inches of heels. Daughter lame walk pigeon which fibrillated by spasms in search of the taxi before the concert will turn sought to get into the bun and get heat. Oh, the heat, which is undervalued.

Well, bring along a cardigan, woman! No way. And that the catalog is extensive. Enumerate by festive: a cardigan from Zara for SOS 4.8, a sweatshirt of tables for the Viña Rock, the "sport-chic" by Alexander Wang for Sonar, a sweatshirt metalhead group on duty for the Sonisphere, jacket your grandmother for the Primavera Sound, corduroy for Azkena, striped sweatshirt Adidas legendary for Monegros

Rachel in your town, Rachel in the festive

Balenciaga Shh ... I do not talk to me I said softly to the side yesterday.

The maximum of the true importance of a personal style falls by its own weight of several people that turn to go to festivals. While his people are known for Rachel in Rachel turn are plenty of projects in the big city, cosmopolitan pro, with the Pitchfork list of well-learned by a shift Spoty heard that two days ago now denies groups.

People of this profile are easy to recognize when dressing since it satisfies the above two principles clearly, including shorts, not missing. These people have two variables: either join the festive elected or passing show trends and are ahead of them. Sonar and Primavera Sound are your gateways, more and more street style photographers, and those who pay more interest to the concerts after the first row of the bar.

Combinations not play defense, they are large or have emulated after seeing them in your favorite medium. My favorite: those who opt for more modern masculine style and who choose the more sensual but without result.

The game changed the jacket

Chloe Mercadona passion red lips, do not fail.

A person can go to all the festivals in Spain, made a thousand pictures (but were not there!) And appear to have a thousand problems of personality disorder rather than one. While it is true that we must adapt to each context clothing that goes with the Festis passes the extreme case. Each one is another world, on the basis that they are all the same: music and fun.

Each music social profile, social profile to each his pose and each pose their fashion. Rachel will return to town in late summer with the mind that does not know whether to leave home fluoride choose pants took the Sonar or pale pink dress that both triumphed in the Contempopránea. The best thing is that some coat them lasts as long as the festive, then return to routine and his style is more bland than a campaign Cortefiel.

The mere thought of how to dress at a festival adds an absurd point to this trend of uniform. And why the city how to dress, Rachel? Go ahead and pull these fringes as groovy in the trash, please.

Chanel A sleep it, which is pretty hard going.

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