Thursday, April 26, 2012

Is it a bag or a bracelet? When the pieces come together and form new accessories ...


I do not know what to invent! First there was Alexander McQueen with his clutch-ring and now all the rage to wear this type of bag are the clutch-cuff. That is a bracelet that is attached to your clutch to not lose sight of him at any time of night. For some time we see these models in stores, but now more than ever, is that low-cost firms star now have their versions. Which do you stay?

And if something does well Chiara Ferragni is advertising their capsule collections with various firms. they know that the blonde is a very good showcase and they keep proposing things. Her latest collection was presented by two bloggers: Werelse for Mango Touch. Almost every day we see in their posts wearing this new collection and is regularly repeating this bag with leather strap. What do you think?


Personally I think it's okay but nothing out of this world and less when I see the price (100 €). I removed the urge to buy it ...


But if I must stay with one I do with the proposed Zara : Like black, sleek and skin as the previous because it focuses all attention on the wrist: dozens of chains hanging from the bracelet. What do you think?


Do you think this trend will prevail?

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