Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Kiss me you fool! Fashion Against Aids campaign 2012 of H & M will be available tomorrow


I have to confess: every time H & M launched a special collection (call it special, limited call her) tremble. I do not know why, I go into shock. I want it all. Although after I calm down and think with a cool head will not fall (almost) never. I do not know how I do tomorrow that goes on sale New Collection 2012 Fashion Against Aids H & M. Even if I tell the truth in these collections allow me everything I like good causes and this helps with 25% of its revenue to the battle against AIDS. And his campaign I might like more: a kiss for a good cause. To kiss everyone!


Like everything in life, there are clothes that I like more than others and others do not like anything. And I've never been a friend of printed leggings ...


Does the star pattern of this new collection? The Navajo tribal or: multicolored lines decorate tops, jeans, jackets, bikinis and even sunglasses. I can not wait to get my hands on some of them.


Auqnue this pattern has to deal with the fringes seriosamente: they're everywhere! Macramé vests and dresses are some examples ... You will fall into temptation?



But if a garment that will fight tooth and nail is for this silk jacket that looks like the top of a kimono ... I like the pattern, the game that you can give your outfit if you know how to combine it all in general. What do you think?


Will you be the first thing that morning waiting at the gate of H & M?

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