Sunday, April 22, 2012

Living with style: the weekly schedule of Jared XXXIV

Ariadne Artiles

This week in the weekly schedule of Jared I will tell you a bit of everything, a "pupurrí" of small and interesting news. From possible gifts for your mother to exhibitions of luxury furniture, idelaes for ideas.

Gifts for Mom


Ariadne Artiles has designed signature T-shirt Swarovski crystallized Charitable Foundation for FERO Dedicated to cancer research. A proposal for the perfect Mother's Day.

Swarovsky T
The model explains that an angel with us in difficult times, contagiándonos patience and giving us a fighting spirit. And this figure is the inspiring element of solidarity that the model T designed for Swarovski. Part of the back is covered with a worn angel wings adorned with delicate Swarovski crystals. If you get yours, until May 5, Swarovski established its Pop Up Stores Solidarity in a selection of El Corte Ingles.

Swatch Watches

Another unique gift, fun and full of color for modern moms and watch lovers are these watches Swach. Two models designed by Japanese artist Hideaki Kawashima, in our collection of Art & Fashion. A proposal Compradicción.

Cases ipad Carolina Herrera

And if your mother is cosmopolitan and hardworking, and above is the latest in new technologies, be right with one of these covers, Carolina Herrera, which combines elegance and technology in its new collection of cases for BlackBerry playbook. Four models, a unisex other to double utility sheath and purse.

Olympic whim

Ralph Lauren London Olympics

It is less for the Olympics and firms are beginning to send us their uniforms propuesats different countries. Ralph Lauren is the firm chosen by the United States. Uniforms I want to share with you because I found really cute. Elegant silhouettes in white with navy blue and tricolor belt. What do you think?

Ralph Lauren London Olympics

I love the white shirt, although the horse, symbol of the firm, would leave him in miniature version. The skirt reminds me of the court of the 50's. If you like any of the female or male clothing in early May, the collection will be on sale in selected stores from Ralph Lauren.

Taking ideas to decorate our home

Calvin Klein Furniture

Although all the decorating ideas you have in Decosfera, many fashion houses have their own collections of furniture trends. Calvin Klein Home has participated for the first time at the Milan Furniture Fair with proposals for the upcoming Fall / Winter 2012. Proposed house is modern New York style, although we can not buy many of us, we can always get ideas and go to Ikea.

Calvin Klein Furniture

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