Saturday, April 28, 2012

Living with style: the weekly schedule of Jared XXXV

essie nail mixture

We expect a loooong weekend ahead jumper (especially the locals, who have the Wednesday party tip). So we have time to enjoy and a thousand plans. For example, you have time to get a full manicure and if you go with the latest trend, paint your nails with different colors. Is the new fashion, nail varnish mix of different tones but the same range, for example, of pastel hues.

This weekend will also be plenty of time to go to the cinema to see the latest releases. As we learned Jared films almost before the red carpet that the billboard, do not miss the premiere of the Week Film Blog. The Avengers are released, with Scarlett Johansson, and The Pelayos, now promote their players in the Festival of Malaga.

the pelayos

Although undoubtedly the best plan is to travel, taking days off. From the Journal of Travel invite us to know Patagonia , an amazing place, New York , even through photographs, and of course, the April Fair in Seville , for a good party.

April fair

As on Mother's Day, From Babies and offer us something to give new moms , which both deserve it. Several details that are sure to appreciate. And if you are not yet mom, but you have left little to be, there are many gifts for pregnant women who will welcome this day of all mothers.

Although my particular recommendation to take the Mother's Day with good humor is to read the book Ascunce Amaya, the blogger behind the blog fun as not being a Mama Drama . Surely you mother also was a little drama and many of the phrases sound familiar.

as not being a mama drama

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