Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Malaga is full of celebrities and gossip Poprosa

Elena Anaya Malaga Festival

Has finally reached the Málaga Film Festival where celebrities take their finest patriotic (or some try) to show off for the Andalusian capital. This year one of the major players has been Elena Anaya, however well the first carpet showed off other like Blanca Suarez, Goya Toledo Inma Cuesta (which I could have saved). So with this Festival started this new summary of the best of Poprosa that comes well loaded ...

A little patriotic celebrity

Penelope Cruz to terry richardson

What do you think of this picture of Penelope Cruz to Terry Richardson? Great is not it? But are not the only good news and some more of that so that we Iberian accent ...

And retuiteo tweeted! Come and give the key celebrities


What would you think if you come to a coffee shop and Victoria Beckham is the one with the apron serving as cut up? I prefer dead funny vein we're finding it on Twitter.

Rumors? ¿Dimes? Diretes ¿? What's new in the cuore?

Kim Kardashian-Kanye-West

New relationships (I do not think), good news and other news very pink ...

And so far the new look at the best of Poprosa. In May a few days and more and better. Be good.

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