Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My favorite shoes: dancers

pretty ballerinas

My favorite shoes are the dancers. The reason is clear, are comfortable and there are thousands of designs and combinations. Although it is a shotgun I can not help bring flat shoes, the heel is not comfortable for me everyday. I prefer to wear heels for a night out or a party. You do not know if you feel the same but with the dancers I have the life of my feet settled. Here is a selection of more dancers in the season. I hope you like!

Dancers toe

leading dancers

The metallic toe dancers are cutting edge. There are metallic edge to the tone color of the shoe assembly such as Zara and other metallic toe in silver or gold for contrast to the shoe of Topshop.

Dancers braided


The shoes also twisted trend. The braided material gives the dancer breathability and flexibility. The options are many and varied, have dancers with a natural tone braided or twisted dancers in full color.

Dancers with glitter

Dancers shine

We have been a couple of seasons where shoes with glitter are all the rage. You can choose a small sequined dancers Zara or something more sophisticated, as dancers Uterque in golden snakeskin. They are suitable for both day and night. The question is shining.

Dancers stamped

dancers stamped

With some dancers stamped glad any look sober and serious. Prints are many, from flowers, to geometric patterns or animal prints.

Dancers nude dancers vs. Color

nude dancers


Some dancers in nude tone stick with it. They are elegant, classic and very thin. But if you fancy a bit of color on your feet, you have a thousand dancers of different colors to match your looks.

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