Sunday, April 22, 2012

No hot flashes! Your style of pregnant this summer

reese witherspoon pregnant

If you get to spend this summer with a good gut, hot flashes do not fear, you can solve this stage style of good hope and without getting cheesy!. We take note of some of the famous pregnant at this time and we took these garments at low cost to cure everything.


Learn two words that will practice throughout pregnancy: flared line and empire waist. Line A will allow you to spend the first months pregnant with clothes a little loose. Choose some color is summer!, And fabrics that are comfortable as cotton and the extent that they conform to the growing forms.

reese witherspoon pregnancy2

You only need comfortable shoes, some nice jewelry, a purse is not too heavy, and as it does Reese Witherspoon , water to hydrate, very important during pregnancy.

reese witherspoon pregnancy.3

Copy Reese Witherspoon's style with this sleek blue pleated dress Promod, will be yours for 29.95 euros .

promod blue dress

You can also do like her and raid the closet of your partner, boyfriend style is perfectly suited for pregnancy for your convenience.

reese witherspoon boyfriend

Other items that will come in handy at this stage are the robes broad:

h & m blouse tie dye

La Redoute tunica

To get more fixed

The black dress is always revered stylized is our ally during pregnancy. The actress is sitting very well her third pregnancy.

withersponn pregnancy reese black

Aim this line A black dress Mango for 35.99 euros .

pregnancy black dress

Nuna think that Tori Spelling would be a reference of style, but she has now been four pregnancies and knows his stuff. Long dresses with empire waist are a staple of pregnancy.

tori spelling pregnancy

Go to fashion even if you are pregnant with this tie-dye dress from Mango for 69.99 euros .

handle tie dye dress

Another way to be cute in a simple way is with a print dress and a black jacket.

tori spelling pregnancy2

Aim this look and wear it with H & M dress with floral pattern, for 19.95 euros . The waist line will go up a bit.

H & M flower dress

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