Sunday, April 22, 2012

Olivia Palermo has an obsession: the Zara floral print


It seems that Olivia Palermo when you give something, give strong ... And the other day that if I showed her look based tulle skirt and shirt stamped with flowers transparent made ​​in Zara , today it shows on your page girl Personal another model with the same print and the same signature. Yes, the girl sweeps the Spanish store and for us the better (at least for those who love his style): new ideas for combining the same garment.

For only € 22'95 you can do with the model she wore last night for the opening of a new clothing and accessories shop in his beloved New York.


As always, this girl choose to top up their looks with patterns and accessories, but (almost) always gets a score of 10. This time his neck was one of the protagonists through a lot of flashy necklaces.


What do you think this new look 'low-cost'?

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