Wednesday, April 25, 2012

¿Pantone Mono or mixtures? I would not know what to say!


Like the monotony or impossible mixture of colors? The truth is that both options are good if you know how to defend the style. And what about the bloggers do not know which option to choose outfits and wear a single color and multicolor depending on your mood. And you, for which of the two options Gunning?

Micolor without being clowns

The blends of color and have no limits or rules. Feel free to mix the colors you want, the amount you want and more. But careful! Always being sure of yourself.


¿Pants XXL fuchsia pink top with a peplum in black leather? And why not? That's how well he defends Jessica Stein, author of the blog Tuula. I love this girl estilazo that appears in each of its entries.


Yellow pencil skirt, blue shirt emblazoned with yellow accents, accessories in camel ... Too much? Not if you know how to wear it.


Monotony stylish

The total look like and look great. They are not boring or anything like that and Elin Kling shows us how to go with a totally blank look. A tone that I love for Spring-Summer, what do you think?


A black day? Stands up to these days with your best friend: style. Black jersey, black pants, shoes of the same hue, and? Divine and perfect.


And since pastels are one of the favorite colors for this season, why not try a top and pants in pale pink? ¿Romantic? Pastelon ¿? Yes, and proud.


What side are you?

Photos | Tuula , Song of Style , Harper & Harley , K is for Kani , Style by Kling , Vanessa Jackman
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