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Peplum dresses: dresses and dare the last one!

Peplum dress from Asos Peplum dress from Asos

For those who desconozcáis this trend ... What is the peplum? A short skirt with ruffle at the hip that usually is attached to a fitted body. And such is the success that we see in many different styles of dresses. If you want to change the look, go for a peplum.

Peplum dress from Asos

Silhouette pronounced and marked hip ... hip fashion becomes pronounced and what better than this so stylish fashion. First we saw on the runways and now we are lucky to have it available to all low cost signature as Asos or Zara.

White Dress

Very similar to opening this post is this proposal in White. Super low cost!

Peplum dress by Peter Jensen

It's a trend that was born in the era of Marie Antoinette, then with the New Look of Dior , then in the 80's: corseted bodies and a wide wheel around the hips is equal absolute femininity.

Peplum dress by Vera Wang

Peter Jensen proposed by pencil skirt, like many economic options to be discussed later, and Vera Wang dresses in maxi version semi-tranparent and long ...

Topshop Dress

Topshop prefier pastel colors


Peplum dress by Vera Wang

Version ... and hyper-mini-white creations extremely sexy and fit only for the most daring. The best thing about Wang is that this tendency to move the bodies, not their skirts, and shorts combined with above. Quite a success!

Wera peplum dress Bang


Peplum dress from Zara

Some options are more marked than others, there is something for everyone. But surely this is one of the most suitable options for cocktail looks.

Peplum dress from Zara

The minimalist style also moved to peplum dresses and skirts. Design simple, sober and discreet but very elegant. Proposals ideal for a morning event featured. At Zara we can find an option in pastel pink and one in black with open wheel. Asos chooses the skirt below the knee and pleated wheel.

Peplum dress from Zara


Peplum dress from Asos

The floral print and we romanticized the exquisite looks. Colorful flowers adorn this Asos design, perfect to wear during the day, with a sexy back on the air.

Peplum dress from Zara

The print and brocade curtain is one of the bets of Zara, with this setting ideal for a morning wedding with a headdress in the same tone, a baptism or communion. Even for a graduation if your style is classic.


Nieto Moses peplum dress

The pleats is hitting very hard, in fact the stores are flooded with this trend. And Moses Nieto combines two trends star of this Spring-Summer, pleats and peplum.

And any option with peplum pants

Peplum dress by Giorgio Armani

The tops can combine this detail, not only in tight skirts, cigarette pants also very marked or ankle, to emphasize the hips. Armani gray and Moses Nieto color transparencies fluorine and bet on the most stylish peplum.

Nieto Moses peplum dress

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