Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Seven Deadly Sins fashionistas. Will we be able to go to heaven?


If a couple of weeks we name the 10 commandments to be a good fashion victim , today we show you the seven deadly sins fashionistas. Because this fashion is all a religion that knows no race, age or sex. I love it! As I told you a couple of weeks, I will not offend anyone with this post, so the spirits up!

Lust for shoes

Lust is what I feel to go and see how much sales of discounted shoes. I can get a list of what I need, but to get to the store this sin clouds my head and just coming home with bags full of shoes, boots and booties. I do not know why, but this piece reminds me crazy.


¿Sloth to go shopping? No!

Never, absolutely never feel lazy when it comes to fashion. To go to heaven for fashionistas can not get bored going shopping or watching hours and hours catalogs, fashion magazines ...


Gula ¿I? More, more, I want more

Sin of gluttony, because even without being 'hungry' shopping spending everything I have and more. And there's never enough to fill my closet (as if it were a stomach). It is a bottomless pit ...


Are not there? It breaks my anger ...

Have you sold the dress you wanted? That anger cloud your mind ... There is always a solution for everything: looking for other options yourself or create your own version DIY . This sin is not good for anyone (not for good fashionista).


Envy 'filthy'

I acknowledge that I have a terrible (and unhealthy) envy to see some fashion blogs ... And it would like to have the cabinets of many of the coolest egobloggers time. But if I must be honest ... I'm not complaining!

pec_06 The Neon PS11 Blush

My treasure ... It's just my

I want it all and just for me. This shopping with friends is a difficult task, because in the 'field' there is no friendship worth and if we find both a garment is only one star and I'll do anything to make it mine. Mine alone. Without sharing. All for me ... Greed takes its toll.


No one is superior to anyone

To be a good fashion victim, ever, ever believe you can better than anyone else. Or have more style. Or better judgment. Pride is bad here in China and Japan ...


I hope to be a good fashionista, but above all I am human and do sin in some sections ...

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