Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sighted glasses clone of the moment. Celine, you get rid of this


Go, go, go. Could wait to Friday to show off this peculiar clone, but I wanted to give him full ownership because I love it. And is that we return to paragraph sunglasses and H & M. H & M and sunglasses. The order of factors does not alter the product, and of course, my admiration. First of all let me add one thing: the sunglasses H & M pass quality control in the EU. Clarify it because many people have shown their 'discomfort' in the previous post .

Well, following the previous thread: long ago fell in love with a pair of sunglasses. Does your brand? Céline . Does the model? Audrey. The price? Too high to pay. So I just had one thing to do: to see how well she sat celebrities and bloggers.


And in every post that I stop, post to get this model. And always follow the same process (as if from the Groundhog Day it were): 'Oh! I want those glasses, Where are they? '. And then back to reality ...


Many of my friends says, 'if you like both, cómpratelas.' And they are right, not a whim, I really like, but the sunglasses constantly go out of style is to throw away a fortune ...


And while many (and many) consideréis huge, I love the models XXL . So they meet expectations: large, simple and 'discrete'.


The solution?

I do not know if this is the best solution, but the only way I see to wear something like that money is not fanciest choose the cloned version of H & M. Are beige with orange detail. Very simple, discrete and divine.


What do you think?

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