Tuesday, April 24, 2012

¿Tired of high heels? Do not separate yourself from your slippers


Since a few months ago that we remove the shame and we left with homespun shoes (or slippers) and that little by little, these shoes are inspired by the aristocrats who used to walk around their mansions, they have unseated the dancers.


Slippers celebrities

The best thing to have the slippers is that there are a variety of textures and colors. The velvet can choose as Taylor Swift , of a more masculine as those of Elizabeth Olsen , or the classic leopard print as the leading Nicky Hilton .

Street style

Street style slippers

In the street style blogs to the choice of the model. Are you, like Andy, opt for the animal print, which prefer the velvet with embroidered detail on the toe style and Hanneli Mustaparta who bet on black.

In Store

simple slippers

And such a variety of which I spoke earlier is reflected in the thousand and one we have to choose models in different stores like Mango , Topshop and Asos . We have a choice in mono ...

Slippers asos topshop

... And some a little more bold-patterned butterflies, leopard and palm trees, or studded with sequins and studs.

Photos | GTres, Facehunter
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