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Tous travels to Africa in search of treasure ... and finds

I get the press kit of the Spring-Summer 2012 Tous and I want to fly away. To the south and across Gibraltar to get to the deserts of Africa and travel to Namibia, or the Congo, Victoria Falls, the Serengeti, Kilimanjaro ... I have to settle for taking old movies, revisit Mogambo, and collect some souvenirs to play with Instagram. Achieved the effect, that a corner of my house look a scout shop (as suggested by the catalog), I set out to write and tell you why I liked it so much this collection of Tous.

Inspired by a long journey around the African continent, and away from the canons sweeter brand, is probably the coolest collection who have made ​​the lords Tous. And although first appearances to the contrary, it may be also the most versatile. Geometric shapes, unexpected materials, air tribal, ethnic spirit ... You will be surprised. We will discover the treasure of which I speak:

Tous Catalog

I'ma fan of the Tous family. Rosa Tous and Salvador made ​​a silent revolution that not everyone is aware. At a time when the jewels were family heirlooms and used on rare occasions, they had religious content, or the ladies had just too much arranged and perfumed, created a unique and rare species. The jewel that can make every day. The youthful design, the piece of gold or silver casual style. That idea, that way of doing things differently, is the reason soon became a reference and with hard work, Tous is one of the brands Spanish best known and most successful worldwide.

Of course, success is sometimes so great that just lets us see the small revolutions that continue surigiendo in the bowels of the brand. Some identify the brand with a single jewel style sweet, girlish air. But there are many more styles and big jewelry, big stones, amazing pieces. How the Spring Summer 2012 collection that I bring. I have chosen pieces of the latter. My favorite. I show them with some styling tips ... I hope you can discover its versatility.


Tous necklace
This piece is superb. For me, the most special of the collection. Very striking. It is a necklace of yellow gold and sterling silver with black diamonds, ebony and cotton string. Sindano belongs to the collection and there is a matching bracelet. Mind you, do not combine the two pieces. Go conjoined is not conducive to that end. Perfect for a safari-style look, a wrap dress to Mogambo or dress smooth, long: in black or white.

Tous necklace

This sterling silver pendant collection Nandi and brown cord will be a great investment. With effect "wickerwork" for me is one of the most beautiful. You can wear it a lot. With cotton shirts and jeans, change your look. It is a gem for everyday wear. The touch will give a Panama hat or a borsalino in natural tones.

Tous Pendant
Tous Pendant

Two other pendants that are really very versatile, both in sterling silver vermeil (this is a quality gold plated), and cotton pendant. The first collection of Dune, the second collection of Nandi. The first is irregular and remembering the rough stones. The second, thin creatures, reminiscent of wicker as well, but has a more delicate and geometric. How to wear them?: At night shortens the cord and attach them at the top of the neck (a necklace). By day: looking for a more hippie drop it all you can.

Rings and rings

Tous Ring
They take the rings and large rings. A single ring can change your look and elevate to the rank of lady. But it has to fit in style and if you use more than one, do not let that clashes with others. The metal chosen, the better the same (or silver or gold, but do not mix). This silver vermeil ring is one of the simplest.

Tous Ring
If you are more classic, this may be your ring. Signature Collection, sterling silver vermeil and rose quartz, can go with the looks of working with jacket and shirt or other coolest trapeze skirt and shirt.
Tous Ring
This ring of fine silver vermeil and faceted rose quartz also Tous Signature. For very thin hands, which is too large any ring, this ring is perfect. Also a great investment because you are not the purge. Night or day.
Tous Ring
And leave it to the end my favorite ring. Yellow gold and faceted tourmaline is a special piece for its color, by size, by the sense of rough stone. To carry it with nothing in hand (as much an alliance) and looks for work or jeans.



Another very special piece, inspired by the tapestry of the African tribes that resembles the skin of a leopard, is this black methacrylate bracelet and sterling silver vermeil. ES Collection Bangili. Also very versatile to wear with jeans or with more sophisticated outfits: black leather jackets and 50s-style skirts, shirt dresses, blazers and black trousers with white shirt ...

Proposals for styling

And after this review of the best of Tous this season, I want to do a review of some lowcost looks hopefully inspire you and combine well with the entire collection. You can see in a second and with a little imagination, what versatility and what a great investment may be a fad.

Sfera white dress White dress 50's style, Sfera.

All rings fit perfectly with this dress to Mad Men. The bracelets are also great.

Sfera White Dress Sfera shirt dress.
This white shirt dress fits perfectly with Sfera ebony collar, bracelet and rings. Not everything please.

Skirt, jacket and shirt Sfera Joint skirt, jacket and shirt Sfera.

Any of these rings or ring, would increase the look to a higher status.

Looks Mango Spring Summer Safari Two Mango looks of his new collection.

Not hard to imagine both outfits handle each and every piece in the collection. Right?

Look Mango April 2012 Gray and Mango shorts
And changing style handle another look, this time more youthful and very easy you can earn a lot with the silver pendant collection Nandi.

Mango Look Catalog 2012 Animal print shirt and pants Mango
And a picture of Kate Moss, very rocker, with pants pattern that perfectly matches the pendants and bracelet of this new collection of Tous.

Look Zara catalog April 2012 Zara set of blank
This styling of the new Zara collection I can not help imagine the fantastic effect of Tous necklaces and pendants.

Look Zara catalog April 2012 Zara set of blank
Another blank look from Zara to win a lot with gold pendants, necklace of ebony, the rings or bracelet that I have shown.

With this trip we had enough for today. We have visited Africa through the Tous jewelery collection, but also has a great collection of bags, with touches of classical African and sunglasses. Oh, and do not forget to lend a hand to the African world with another piece of Tous: the bracelet Network Of its benefits, some are aimed at combating AIDS And the African contienente is the most need this help.

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