Sunday, April 22, 2012

Vila, the ideal brand to buy your basic


Vila, is an ideal brand to buy basic wardrobe. They have plenty of choice and is present in much of Europe, they also sell online. Colorful clothing, comfortable and modern and all very reasonably priced. You dressed in raincoats 30 euros to 70 euros, their clothes do not usually exceed 100 euros. A good alternative to low-cost brands.

Vila 2



In Vila have shirts of all kinds. Stamped with dots, basic denim, chiffon collar with studs or a black transparent blouse for a look more at night.


vila 4

T-smooth, ribbed, with prints, silkscreens and so on. Vila has a large catalog of shirts in cotton to combine as you like.


vila dresses

Not that they are great dresses but they are functional and give the trick. In dresses everyday if they have more variety but it is dressed in "party" have a great variety. They are clothed with some good supplements that can get you out of any trouble.



Jackets, blazers, coats of spring, Japanese-style jackets, raincoats ... You can find your basic no problem outside Vila. And it's always good to have several jackets, thinks it's the first thing you see and what we repeat in our looks.


vila supplements

They have too much variety but are still basic and simple accessories that provide us with constant changes of looks through these supplements.

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