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The Way We Were: the catalog of Victoria's Secret, 1979

victorias secret
The beautiful nymphs of Victoria's Secret takes time gaining attention but did not imagine that much. Their catalogs and fashion shows are of great excitement and have ladies and gentlemen glued to the TV rather than in the last chapter of Twin Peaks. But Victoria's Secret is not a girl and already has a long history. I love remembering the past and what we were, guess the low cost that Carrie would look like a teenager or watching Heidi Klum posing at 19. Have we changed? Have they changed Victoria's Secret catalogs?

We have changed but perhaps not as much as we think. Consider the images, the style, decor and photography.
It appears that a thin women's fashion is not a recent phenomenon that Carrie was not as advanced when he wore these boots in his series Sex and the City and Victoria's Secret has always been obsessed unite several models in a photo (something that complicates things).
In limp and disheveled manes today we turn to the ongoing disarray of yesteryear with the collected own dynasty and ponytails that are a thing of oblivion.
But there are fashions that keep coming back and always: the victory rolls and were a thing of the 40's, Victoria's Secret catalogs updated them in the disco era and today we continue pointing them out as one of the most cutting-edge hairstyles.
Are we or are we not seeing the version of a young Emmanuelle lingerie? Thing different is the scenery, something we have indeed changed.
Ceilings on equally false windows, carpets from Persia and tropical plants that seem drawn from the homes of any house decorated in the 80 and thus to stay.
The positions have also changed, as opposed to curved poses of you have complained that both the beautiful Summer Trends Mango catalog , for example, straight and noble attitudes of these models. Will the trend today in heroin-chic look and do not even realize we?
Some things have improved, others have not changed and several have worsened: then it showed the beauty as it was, they forgot phosothop failure of Victoria's Secre t so vitiated msotraban women, not girls, or girls with a bored and hooked pint of the bad of life.

What do you think? So much have we changed?

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