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Welcome to the wedding arts & crafts!


Weddings arts and crafts are the wedding fashion. In the United States for many years and are settled. In Spain peek shyly but more and more grooms choose their wedding to be like that. The arts & crafts weddings call because they have that vintage, country and the aftertaste of "do it yourself." There are many blogs on the subject and more and more followers. Weddings are you eat with the eyes so beautiful they are. In Jared give you the keys to have your own wedding "arts & crafts."

Bride and groom

Marlett Marlett, wedding designs

The couple can play with their costumes, almost anything goes. Can even wear shoes! Most suits are decided by narrow cut jacket and modern. Some choose not to carry or tie or bow tie. Others put up a foulard. The issue is apparently not the typical bride and be faithful to his own style.



The brides are romantic, modern, retro or mods etc, there are many kinds and they choose their dress also thinking of the type of wedding you want to do. In Jared can see our special wedding dresses on and find your own style. Special mention to the shoes, now many brides opt for colored shoes.


braedons A country wedding, Braedon's photo
Catalan farmhouse A wedding in a Catalan farmhouse, photo Arberasruso

Most choose an outdoor wedding. In the countryside, in a garden or at home. Or decide on a special place like a library, a museum or a hotel with charm. The issue is the purchasing power and budget to be raised for the wedding. Keep in mind the guests, logistics and mobility and the type of wedding you want to ride. We must be attentive to the possibilities and disadvantages of the place. And of course cover a lot and be realistic. Dream weddings too yes, but with the feet on the ground.

Theme and Decor

bhldm BHLDN
bhldn Table for decoration BHLDN

Many grooms choose a theme for your wedding day and decorate the place according to the style you want to give your wedding. For example: A wedding theme is the circus, so the decor is colorful and decorating circus tent including the decoration of the wedding. Another wedding can be in the field and the central theme is the "vintage trend" so the couple chose mismatched tableware and decorative items old. Other lovers, music lovers, decide to decorate their tables with musical motifs ... Another very important fact is true for a main color and decorate the place with that color. There are wedding planners to help you with everything related to the wedding. The balloons, confetti and the lanterns are a must at a wedding "arts & crafts."


Love vs Invitation Design Love vs Invitation Design
invites Love vs Invitation Design

I love the simple and original invitations. Many couples choose the theme of the invitation as the theme of the wedding, as I said above. If you do not have much budget strip or friends who draw well are graphic designers or make them yourself. Imagination to power.


branch Elisabeth Bouquet Blumen
Elisabeth Blummen Elisabeth floral decoration Blumen

THE theme of flowers is a world apart. There are brides who choose the field according to the color you have decided to decorate the wedding atmosphere. Others opt for a bouquet along with the tie of the bride or her bridesmaids. Others simply choose a bouquet with her ​​favorite flowers. There are a thousand possible combinations for your bouquet and floral decoration for your wedding, the question is to take the bouquet of the most natural way possible and enjoy a special decoration with flowers, which always gives an added elegance to your wedding.

The photos

Jojo Wedding Wedding make web Jojo Wedding Wedding make web
Photo Jonas Seaman Photo Jonas Seaman

The photos are no longer tacky as before. Now take the photos "artistic" and very natural. And with a score terribly charming. Find your wedding photographer carefully and find the ideal. There are a lot of supply and competitive prices. And if you have a photographer friend always can "hire". And now you can also create your own website for your wedding and do a photo shoot pre-wedding, seeing is believing. Think of them as a souvenir for all life.

Detail guests

Whale homemade mustards Elena Whale homemade mustards Elena
Olivia Soaps Soaps Care Olivia Soaps Soaps Care

Tricky issue. I acknowledge that I have made ​​gifts for weddings that are thrown away. If I marry I think I would choose something useful or very original. Now the couple aware of that and the economy have moved to "handmade". You can give from a unique soap, small bottles of oil on your land, some homemade jam jars, some or crocheted brooches made ​​a CD with favorite songs of the couple. Also has become fashionable to give Asian umbrellas if it is a wedding in summer, sandals to dance all night and cameras disposable.

The food

bhldn Decorating desserts BHLDN

Depending on where we choose also the food. And of course you have to think if we have invited some food intolerant, vegetarian and we must also think of the children invited to the wedding and adapt the menu. There are restaurants that already offer you several menus to choose from, in other places you can bring your own catering and other wedding couple decide to make some food themselves. Other couples opt for a multicultural menu depending on the origin of their families. I am one to think that a wedding without wedding ham is not. So I like weddings offering a contemporary menu with local produce. I cut the cake with a sword is no longer carried, now offer you elaborate desserts, cakes or cupcakes dream. And to finish and go itching, between dances, transparent tables with pots full of goodies.

The party

wedding music Stock modern8films

Here is the music of Queen. If you have friends who have a group invite them to play at your wedding. Everyone has a friend DJ and certainly did not care to put some records in your wedding. And if passion is music you yourself choose their own soundtrack to your wedding. For fun one at weddings, in addition to dance and drink a few drinks, there are endless things to offer ... photo booths, games, mustaches and wigs for taking pictures ...

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