Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Will the next fashion sunglasses? In yellow

Chanel Linda Evangelista

The yellow passion has come hard this season. Back in February we warned Charlie to turn yellow fever and these days we have paid attention to how it is fashionable garments, especially the yellow dress from the famous but still enough and supplements are key especially sunglasses.

The next fashion sunglasses are in yellow, that color extending to the nearest shades. They have been announced a number of fashion brands for some time and hence to a time we will see in the street and among the best known faces. Models vary depending on where you look.

We look at Chanel , then the fashionable glasses are very spacious with a generous glass rimmed pasta and degraded, with pin bicolor with different shades.


We look at Uterqüe then we are left with model Victoria Beckham: bigger impossible and with the same taste for the glass than the previous gradient. This supplement is mixed with the remainder also encouraged with yellow, this time in mustard version.


The taste for Clubmaster Express takes to play with one of the most repeated combinations at this time between those who like bright colors. Yellow and green glasses with a darker gray.


Speaking of this model, Prada is chosen but in a more rococo. But talk of the Italian firm, smoothing any attempt would be considered an offense.

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