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"The worst is the business people who only see money and do not care about people," interview with La Casita de Wendy

The Wendy house

Taste for a different approach, by a vision of fashion away to topics that perfect woman in a foreshortened Barbie impossible to look like picture, original prints and garments with a philosophy of doing things at home and calm. Casita de Wendy is growing and reaching a wider audience reach. I cool, as I said in speaking of his catalog for spring-summer 2012 , from there to talk with Ivan Martinez, one of the creators of the Spanish company with the intention to tell us how they started, their greatest achievements and how to face the market right now.

Returning to the beginning, how the idea started to launch La Casita de Wendy?

The truth is that there was a project just started doing it and as we wanted and we were getting response from the people the thing grew naturally. More than anything we missed having some clothes and we started to do it. It was much more complicated.

You start in 1998 as a hobby, what led you to establish yourselves as a company in 2001?

Yes, we started playing a bit but we saw we connected with people and we gradually encouraging us leaving our jobs and finishing his studies and with the support of friends and acquaintances we decided to start the company.

The idea of Ines Martinez and Ivan Aguilar, how you divide the work? What are the functions of each?

At first the two did everything, but today we have to divide us. Agnes takes care over the design and communication and Ivan over production and marketing.

Fitz-James Stuart Brianda Fitz-James Stuart Brianda.

In 2008 he joined Fitz-James Stuart Brianda the team at La Casita de Wendy, what marked his entry? What vision has contributed to the firm?

She works together with Ines so we assume that has enriched the brand visually. She manages to illustrate the patterns, and many other things, but we suppose that's where most have left their mark. It is quite akin to us but everyone is leaving something in his "house".

All this time what were the highlights with which you stay?

Well I guess I see your designs on the street or people you admire, like Björk but also the daily satisfaction of doing what you want.

And what have been the hardest times?

Many. Especially hard work, but with joy. Almost the worst thing is contact with business people who see only money in the trade and not for the people: but hey that's an ongoing issue in this society.

What is the philosophy of La Casita de Wendy?

Our ethical principles governing the aesthetic and vice versa.

Your production is in Spain at a time when the general tendency is to outsource to other economic markets. What led you to make the decision? What is your goal with it?

We manufacture in Europe because we like working with people with whom we have worked has always supported us and near us. We have no goals except to do things as we could say that is part of our corporate social responsibility but we do it for nothing. We get that. Little more. Also hate to travel. I do not know, we assume that the economic benefit is not the only possible benefit. We do not care much about money.

Speaking of Spain, what is your reception between the national public?

Gradually people have been understanding each other. At first it was hard but it's been almost 15 years, internet, etc.. Is already equal worldwide.

In terms of sales, what is Spain to LCW ?

As we keep the crisis but it shows a lot. We try to be optimistic but does not look good.

Inspiration from the world of the story is clear in your fashion.

Well we like the stories and that but many times people have understood from a simple view with few prospects. We like stories, but those in which there is evil, mischief, reverse. Not a naive, monolithic world but without some darkness, fear, evil. Peter Pan is not a pleasant child is a crook and selfish. It's a boy and boys are cute but they are selfish bastards, to counter that they are educated, right?

Björk Björk La Casita de Wendy.

Right at the start you counted on the support of Björk. How did this relationship? What did you like it in your signature? What contributed to LCW ?

Benicassim agree, it parading and playing and we had a chance to give some dresses. We assume that you liked the mix of innocence and evil, do not know. The fact is that we're going to see the relationship when it comes, we assume that is a child / adult. A lot of us gave us moral and confidence because you see someone and put our clothes encouraged us to follow.

How does a Spanish firm to stores like Barneys or Cocktail?

It's not as difficult as it seems, went to a show and there came these buyers, it Molo and bought it, but today things have changed a lot, people have to go for what you believe.

What did the entry of LCW in such outlets, usually exclusive, with a large cache and a buyer profile and settled?

For the majority, have to make us firm, rigid dates, times and some responsibility but it is good it is.

Have diversified La Casita de Wendy to land as the home or even materials such as books and baby clothes. Are the parallel market to obtain an additional return to the main line to survive?

Yes, our patterns are easy to carry to other media and stimulate and help keep us creatively. Now we have a line just for internet called "no fear" and where we have much hope. We are also providing some fashion courses in our study and what works best now.

La Casita de Wendy logo

You Say days a brand has to have an online store to make progress? What is the weight of the traditional trade LCW ?

We started a year or so ago and we are delighted. You can go directly to final customers and the feedback is very good. Moreover, in the case of "no fear" can sell cheaper than if you compete with physical stores. We started with sales of approximately 10% and our idea is to grow.

In your online shop you can count on a section outlet. For some time this market has not stopped growing. How do you face you?

We campaign with internet portals liquidated stocks and work very well.

In addition to designing you divide your time to teaching. What lessons seek to convey to your students?

We assume that morale in their projects and of course our experience. Not only a theoretical but a real complement how this world.

Being in contact with students in the future may be new designers, or people associated with the fashion world, what is your point of view of the new generations? What do you think they look for in fashion and they can get?

There are many myths about the designer and if you wanna be a star designer you have to think what that means and if you take the consequences. We try to see this world with more perspective and objectivity to choose according to that and not make the errors of aber we move forward with your work.

At the same time you have the initiative of The Studio, where impartís courses. What do you want with it and how is it working?

We work at the European University of Madrid and the FDI as directors of the Masters in Textile Design and Surface. We'd love to have time to matricularnos there and learn more but good.

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