Thursday, May 24, 2012

As a summer alternative, Urban Outfitters helps


Many of you complain that you only show the collections of the Inditex Group. And No, not true, so we want to present the new lookbook signature Urban Outfitters . Every time I travel to America go crazy in their tents, and their garments 'alternative' cause my looks make a difference for the other. Something I like about it? that you do not know how come you will find: from ladylike dresses, to cotton shirts torn up vintage Levi's shorts.


For this new catalog, the company does not release at all those premises that both characterized: Current clothes with a twist.


I like the location of the images: in the desert of Nevada, Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon, and some outfits for everyday comfort and ideals.


The last time I enter (a couple of months) I fell in love with his collection of skinny jeans in fluorine: orange, yellow, green, turquoise and pink. I did not know what I liked! And though I see it in picture and I seem ideal, it is a fad that does not hit me. A pity!


There are so many shorts to choose from that you can go crazy if you're not an idea (or trend) fixed ...


Would you like clothes?

If you are a summer that can not leave out the clothes, you can decant for simple and discreet short stamped and backless.


Or by maxi versions with floral print on canvas.


What do you think these images?

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