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Asos Hall: surfeit of pretty dresses

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The website selling more online fashion dresses on the web is Asos. The website includes a catalog of impressive and varied dresses. Much of that comes from other brand clothing and have their point of sale online at Asos but I every time I look over at Asos clothes out as a brand. One of the most anticipated collections is "Asos Salon" where the brand strives a little more in their designs and quality. For spring-summer collection have opted for some clothes too "prettys" full of pastel colors and elaborate decorations.


Strapless dress with sweetheart neckline and skirt three quarters. The fabric is fine with hand painted flowers and processed digitally. The body is straw and pleated waist is high waisted. Not just the dress I do not know if it's the length of the skirt or the cleavage that gives me the feeling you get very down.



Mono crude short tone lace. Take a round neck with satin waistband and back buttons rouleau and scalloped finish. The delicacy of the love me back but it seems rather a combination of lingerie that a monkey for a party.


70's cut dress in white with straight cut and handmade lace details a technique originating in India. The dress is finished in body and sleeves with a delicate lace.



Dressed in white caftan embroidered with colorful flowers. Transparent dress with guipure lace cotton mid-calf and small multicolored embroidered flowers. Vintage-inspired dress that seems ideal for summer. I would love to see it live and direct.


Jumper dress with embroidered daisies. A very sixties dress with square neckline and embroidered with daisies in white, yellow and peach with low scalloped.


Tube dress with embroidered turquoise English. Mid-knee dress simple cut with English embroidery and trimmings of daisies on the neck and waist with honeycomb detail semitransparent.


Mesh dress with lace in shades of fluoride. The dress is mid-flight leg and sherbet yellow hue, takes over a mesh with chain embroidery both in the bottom of the skirt and the body, in pink and gray colors. Vintage inspired and hand finishing.


Short dress with embroidery in tone fluorine oil rose. Dress with ecru body and mesh in the same tone on tone embroidery fluoro pink and pleated skirt with pleats and finished with.



Dressed in floral appliques. Dressed in pink tone organza skirt flared neck carrying case with pink flower appliques. The body is like a chiffon bodice and is fitted with tweezers. The skirt is also hand-made floral appliques and vintage inspired jacket Portobello market, according to the Asos website. Ideal dress for a pretty look.

asos orange

asos orange 2

Lace dress with draped back. Fine lace sheath dress with orange skirt and neckline with draped back.



Drop-waist dress and lace details. 20's style dress in lilac tone with puff skirt in orange and lilac. The neck and sleeves finish the style trompe leads embroidery. Back button placket with loop in orange.



V estido panels. Dressed in pearl gray V-neck and pleated panels, body and waist. Pleated full skirt. Very elegant and chic. In dress in question is exhausted within a few hours to put on sale.


Have you ever bought some clothes from Asos Salon? I like to hear your opinions as they are dresses that are around from 100 euros to 200 euros. They say they are better quality and elaborate ... Is it really true or a bluff from Asos?

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