Thursday, May 31, 2012

A bath in black and white: Naf Naf Summer 2012

naf naf baƱadors and bikinis

In contrast to overdose colored bikinis and swimsuits that I proposed a few days ago, the French brand Naf Naf offers a line of black and white bathroom, classic, elegant and restrained. From Copacabana we go to Saint Tropez as a dream destination, praying that a cloud does not ruin our beautiful beach day.

The best way to raise sofsiticaciĆ³n our beach look for this summer 2012 is to choose the colors and choose a form of swimsuit and bikini line with our figure. The black swimsuit with plunging neckline is ideal for styling, while the best summer bodies may choose without fear of error for a bikini brief curtain and lacing at the hip.

The swimsuits and bikinis Naf Naf create a beautiful optical illusion with just two colors and details like bows, stripes. And join the collection accessories like nautical striped shirts, hats and scarves moles combine perfectly.

naf naf bath plug

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