Friday, May 4, 2012

Beauty Tips of the week: hits and get beautiful!

beauty tips

Knowing how to choose clothes that you feel is best without a doubt one of the keys to success with your look but you can not neglect other fundamental such as care and beauty tips if you want to see you really pretty.

Your hairstyle should go to the last, nails painted in the color of the season and of course, a flawless face will do the rest. Want to know how to get it? Then take up the note of our weekly recommendations.

New for this season


Keep coming up with dropper new seasonal collections. This week we have a main course, Chanel never disappoints in their summer collections.

Our test

estee lauder-bb--cream.jpg

The BB Cream are all the rage. The latest to jump on the bandwagon has been Estee Laude r. Want to know what we think of their new release?

Tips and trends to keep up to date


You can not miss our appointment with the best ideas, tips and trends. Do not forget about our special Bride , everything you need to go to the last on your big day, and also leave you with a new special long hair with tips and latest trends. Surely you will find interesting!

And finally nothing better to remind you of the opportunity provided by our Beauty Club Jared to get a trip to Ibiza with the cruiser and Party F *** me, I'm Famous with DJ French fashion . Are you going to lose?

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