Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bershka clothing Summer 2012

Bershka ropa verano 2012

The Bershka clothing summer 2012 is very nice and has the latest trends! It is touching to be clear what the new fashions and news from Bershka , now that the heat has finally arrived!

Bershka clothing is aimed at the new trends of summer 2012 . Bershka has new beaded skirts, ruffled peplum clothing, leather jackets and denim, new and asymmetrical gowns, shoes, skirts, ripped jeans, pastel colors and fluorine ...

Like the new summer clothes Bershka 2012?

Bershka ropa verano 2012 Among the novelties in clothing Bershka Spring Summer 2012 should be noted that this skirt with beads is quite nice and very summery and costs 25.99. Also the jacket is new, has a color and takes a lot of leather and is great value for money it costs 59.99 for skin that is fine!

Bershka ropa verano 2012

Also among the new Bershka clothing is new dresses for summer, especially dresses with asymmetrical designs. The first one I like because it is also a dress in tulle and I see many possibilities, it costs 35.99. 19.99 The environmental costs and the short-patterned horses 22.99. You can see here the new party dresses Bershka 2012 .

Bershka ropa verano 2012

Another novelty is the denim jacket biker type that are a piece of clothing trend and costs 35.99. Bershka also points to the peplum, one of the details of time and the skirts flying is a lot of clothes they wear, this skirt cost 22.99. Take note of the broken and worn jeans (29.99) and T-shirts with skulls because they carry a lot!

Bershka ropa verano 2012

Bershka also have new accessories such as an ethnic-print bag and fringes, which costs 29.99. It also has new shoes and sandals as black platform that cost 39.99. It also has new sunglasses and fashion bracelets , feather necklace that costs 7.99.

What is your verdict? Like the new Bershka clothing? I love the print skirt with beads :).

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