Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bershka May 2012 lookbook: thinking about an impending summer


Yesterday, I showed you the lookbook of Stradivarius of this brand new month, today it is the turn of Bershka . A firm that month after month completely changes his line: last month breathed a country air in all their clothes and one for two air rock 'n' roll , this time the tropical pattern is the king of the hangers. Personally I have grown quite indifferent and at first glance is that the clothes are not very good quality. Who knows, maybe in store I get a (pleasant) surprise.

Tropicalia, a mood

The fact is that this pattern is winning everywhere he goes. All firms are rushing to launch their own versions and there are many options we have. Personally I love this print, although not all items are worth ...


Three trends in one garment? And why not? Dressed in print skirt asymmetric + tropical + pastel colors. How do you stay?


If you like these prints can mix you like this outfit where gauzy blouse tops and pencil skirt are the same color and print. ¿Monotony? Not if you know how to wear it.


And if you like but do not dare tropical with a print can bring you some awesome shirts that remind us of him. with paillettes it might make you weight. What do you think?


Simple as rationale

Garments which at first glance have nothing are the ones that get to use over time. For though when you buy it is not 100% trend, the lack of it causes lasts over time. And white lace dresses are always a good choice for summer.


While you can always have a modern twist. Example? This flowing dress in light blue. Long live the pastel colors!


Cowboy Territory

As we said post after post, the jean is on the rise. It is a fabric that has never gone out of fashion and I guess it never will but there are seasons enjoying more success than others. And up steps in this fashion in the list.


Worn, dark, broken or bleach effect. No matter how you luzcas, what matters is that there is this one way or another.


A outfit that I liked the lookbook? No doubt the compound shorts and sleeveless shirt printed with tiny stars. It is a way that I love and I do not carry stamped in my day to day.


And what I'm starting to get tired (and still has not started the summer) is tie dye effect. Subtly okay, but not bright colors. Although you may end up sinning: I know that for 'not drink this water' at the end just drinking.


What taste you stay?

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