Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Brownie Summer 2012: make a difference and it is not difficult


I continue with my efforts to find new brands to the new Spring-Summer 2012 we can choose more variety. And today I met with a Spanish company of those who do not know much but that should not be. I love clothes that are 'lifetime' and never pass fashion, but nevertheless have something that sets them apart from others. And is that small details make a big difference in this world. Brownie . Keep the name, because you're going to start listening from now. With online and physical store in Barcelona, ​​Bilbao, Madrid and Girona, the firm promises.

Shorts, skirts, cotton shirts or jerseys simple make your collection is complete but nothing ostentatious. And that's something I value very much today for a simple but spectacular outfit r.


The small details loom large

For if we were to define the firm would (as I said above) with a keyword: details. And is that they are simple and classic and simple cotton shirts with an open back and closed dozens of pearl buttons.



Life is much better printed

But if there is anything that succeeds in his clothes is the collection of printed t-shirts: crosses, stars and various prints. No matter how! The fact is that this type of clothing improves look and give us a fresh and casual.


Tanks, oversize, with stars, crosses in color fluoride ... There are many options we have for our own personal attire. What version do you prefer?



Well, what do you think? Did you know since the firm?

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