Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Cannes says goodbye, but the celebrities are generating buzz

Diane Kruger on Cannes 2012

Maybe after the close of the Festival de Cannes many of us have been a little sad to think that we still have a year to return to see the celebrities parading down the red carpet of the Gallic country, but we need not despair because we are many festivals and many news ahead of the talk related to celebrities, so let's see some of them in this new summary of the best of Poprosa ...

What Cannes left us, we are not sure

diane kruger cannes 2012

Do not call me for heavy put as many pictures of Diane Kruger, but it has undoubtedly been the main protagonist of the red carpet looks to leaving each better. But the thing has given much of himself ...

Do I spend a few magazines, please?


Yes, you gift to start the new cover of Elle magazine that is totally new, because for the first time in its history has a man on the cover: David Beckham and also doubly that you can not miss ...

Weddings, baptisms and gossip


Certainly, the wedding of Alejandro Sanz was the bomb of the week, but we have much more ...

Are we talking about Eurovision?


Since everyone has spoken this week of the Eurovision theme, what do we do it unless ...

And so far this new Poprosa summary, the next day I will come with more and more celebrity news.

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