Friday, May 4, 2012

Cloned and plundered: and then continuing with the inspirations


On Friday more we continue with the section of clones, for low-cost firms are always on the lookout for big brands like hunting prey. Hidden in bushes at a minimum meet and forgetfulness ... Bang! Hunted, cloned and plundered. And of course we miss not one, every Friday we showed you the most in the moment.

And this time (although it seems impossible) Zara is not on the list. No, no, no, may sweep away next week again, but today there are two firms which will be discussed and have much in common. And is that both only sold online and are native to England. We talk about Miss Selfridges and Asos. Find the first signs of glitter heels remind me of the famous boots glitter Miu Miu this past winter.

But we also found a jean purse at him relate it to a model of a few years of Alexander Wang . The similarities are more than just inspiration, but what changes is the price. And in this web only find bargains that are good for our pockets ...


And finally another clone that does not rest: low type boots Dr. Martens Balenciaga . If a few weeks ago I introduced the Zara version TRF Today we do the hand of Asos . What do you think?


For more than criticize, we are many that end up sinning. Happy weekend!

In Jared | Cloned and plundered, every day gets even more interesting
In Jared | Cloned and plundered: firms never rest, do you doubt?

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