Friday, May 25, 2012

Cloned and plundered: Prada, this year (either) you saved


Those who thought that this year the Italian brand Prada was saved cloner boom were the most wrong. And is that the brand creates trend and are all inspired by her. Although at first their proposals can crash. Or like. We all end up in clothes that are based on the proposal over the catwalk. And if last year were the stripes who marked the rhythm of summer, this time are the cars of the '50s. So sorry Miuccia! This year again to copy you.

And to start a clone that is exactly like the original. The firm Romwe not a hair cut and has presented its low-cost version (and accurate) yellow print dress hire. What do you think? The color is perfect for brown skin ...

But if something like cloning firms, that are the complements. And for this the Spanish brand Bimba and Lola was inspired by the famous clutch-shaped envelope with a cocktail decorating complement. There are people who are original, others frightening but ... What do you think the version of the firm here?


And speaking of Spanish firms that are inspired by the Italian, we must not fail to mention Zara , of course. And this time it was just inspired (not a full-blown clone) in the shoes of flames to create a sandal this summer. Not quite equal? No, but I remember a little original.


What version do you prefer?

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