Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Combinations of fashion: black and white mix

black and white shorts

If there is a combination of fashion with which it is virtually impossible to fail is to mix black and white. It is pure elegance. Already said (and practiced) Coco Chanel almost a hundred years ago, so we can follow its lead in the middle of the century XXI and a thousand different ways to combine these two basic colors that are missing from your wardrobe.

Up shorts

For hot days, make a fresh and stylish combination combining a romantic blouse with black shorts. Just unlike Neryhdez , which like the negative of the picture, carries the shorts in their own way, blank. The heels are a must with the shorts that look not too casual.

black and white shorts2

Minimal black and white

White and black are the colors perfect for the minimalist trend. Outside excesses, on to the bare minimum. It is the perfect look for a cocktail or evening party.

minimal black and white

Optical illusions

Or zigzag stripes confuse to whom we look in a vertigionoso op art black and white. Uun set for the day of the most original.

black and white op art

The good girl

Fool everyone and put on goody good girl and with flat shoes and a Peter Pan collar and white perfect look black to go to work.

black and white work


For an important occasion, white and black together meet the label. Choose a jacket male conj├║ntala a dress very feminine and you get the big prize of the festival.

black and white party

No one can resist the game of checkers. All boxes are black and white.

Photos | Neryhdez , Chicbit
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