Sunday, May 27, 2012

Combinations of fashion: giving a twist to T-shirts

jersey skirt

As in the postwar period, the key to getting dressed in these times of crisis is to reinvent. Transform clothes, old clothes retrieve lost in the closet, use of supplements , and ultimately, all you have to combine in different ways, with little investment for your style not diminished. So today we're going to invent a garment that certainly in the tens in many of our closets: t-shirts, either post or not, are a basic garment allowing a thousand different combinations, and the posts will see some of them.

The key is to mix and blend the casual with the elegant, sober with the colorful, feminine and masculine, the basics with the latest trend to achieve surprising effects and unexpected combinations and fun. So give it a twist get different shirts of all life.

With long skirt

jersey skirt

With shorts and jacket

jersey shorts

Combining patterns

stripes and flowers

With colored pants

pants, shirt colors

With the air crew

sailor shirt

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