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Designer of the month: Moses Nieto (I). "It is useless to make a good design if you can not assemble it before in your head"

Moses Nieto Photo: Carlos Luque .

Inaugurated a monthly section where we will Jared choosing some of our favorite designers to which we would like to know more professionally, find their careers and support especially as emerging talents that may be greater or lesser extent, since many are names consolidated, although initially we will focus on route less popular designers. Moses Nieto is our first designer of the month.

Moses Nieto is one of the best talents that today we can see on the catwalk Spanish. At just 28 years old and from Ubeda, the designer is in a placid time, parading on a catwalk as EGO Cybele has already outgrown, having achieved an international venture with none other than Valentino Group support and a way to meet women's fashion from the minimalist point of view, leaving aside a proposal already printed have become a detail which recognize the signature.

In this first part of the interview (the second published tomorrow will) go over with him his first time up to the present: how have you lived, what have you learned from each, do you remember to work with some names ...

When did you decide you wanted to be a designer? What brought you to it?

I do not remember exactly. This did not arise suddenly. There comes a time when you need to express in some way and the tools that you fall short. I wanted to change the computer for fabrics and patterns.

On the other hand, fashion is something that changes as little at 6 months. It is that sense of speed that makes me lean by design. Something changed and that does not stop.

The tempo of fashion is like that of modern life, impatient, indicating not only the desire for rapid change in design but also the power acquired by the attraction of having every so often something new on the market. Fashion has the appeal simultaneous beginning and end. Of novelty and at the same time lapse. Surely it is contradictory that feeling that makes me realize that mine is fashion.

Does the transience of fashion can make at the same time something that is given little value?

We are living in an era of many changes of fashion, true luxury is being devalued and more and more brands that make their products more accessible to the public. This will lose the essence of the mark. But in turn create new market segments. The trend of increasing concern and is becoming a social phenomenon.

What is your earliest memory associated with the fashion world?

I remember going with my mother often at a boutique. That place had something special. I spent the afternoon sitting on a velvet chair while my mother tried on a dress. I watched dumbfounded and did not say a word.

'Before working on what you have devoted to fashion?

I did a little of everything from steward to steward events through store clerk and even the olive harvest. I had to pay for college and any work was good. When I started studying in Madrid he combined classes worked in a shop on Calle Serrano and in my few free time helping Antonio Alvarado in their collections. I think the work is the best way to learn.

Nieto Moses bridge

How was the change in furniture design and graphic fashion?

I studied furniture design and graphic design and then I went to fashion design by accident. Of which I am glad every day more. Why fashion design? I think that hides most of street language, social communication and more. The clothes you wear communicate and talk about you. From what you mean or what you want to hide. And I was at a time in my life where I needed to spit out everything I had inside. And after starting to flirt with the sewing machine and see that I was not bad at all, I applied a couple of contests where I was selected ... from there I have not dropped the needle.

When did you start in the fashion world? How were those first steps?

I made a small collection after finishing my studies in costume in Andalusia. Following from there I went to Madrid to train as a designer and learn more about the sector. Whenever I got involved in all class projects or outside them. I was doing little shows in the room while Costello received some orders from friends. Well the rest is all very recent. I'm not that old!

According to your biography Pattern Clothes studied in addition to the degree in Fashion FDI Madrid. What brought you to these studies?

Learn how the pattern is essential to understanding a garment. It is useless to make a good design if you can not assemble it before in your head. That knowledge gives the pattern and work experience. I know how obsessed are made garments, look inside, destriparlas.

How did the opportunity to work with Klavers van Engelen at the biennial Dutch fashion? What did you learn from this experience?

It was a grant that we got to four students of fashion good guys (laughs). Working with two Dutch designers at the Arnhem Biennale was a unique experience. We share knowledge with students at the school Arnehm fashion. This city lives and breathes fashion. I learned to work together and share different experiences with young people who understand fashion in different ways.

For Antonio Alvarado worked as an assistant and illustrator. What brought you back to your career?

Working with Anthony was always fun. Every day was different and nothing monotonous.
From him I learned a lot, see how fashion works from the workshop, parades, events ...

How did the opportunity to build your own firm?

Arises from the need to grow as a company. I wanted to live in my work clothes and walk through several gateways. There is little point in making a collection and save it in the closet.

How do you remember the presentation of your first collection on the catwalk Andalusian South 36.32N?

I have real good memories of that show. Cadiz was 4 days of fun and hard work. I have it very much true. It was my first show with a focus on media. I remember being very nervous but happy.

Nieto Moses bridge

If you could go back to that day, would you change anything?

Nothing! Things happen so and so should stay. If there was a fault I can learn from. Do not change anything.

How did you make the leap that same 2010 to EGO Cybele? What were your feelings as they walk there? There you presented Baptism, a collection that you was a big jump.

I suddenly lost my job and did not want to waste time. So I decided to submit a dossier to Ego to try his luck. I never thought I would call soon to say that was selected. For me it was a big surprise and I am eternally grateful to the entire team Pelonio. Parading in the Ego was my greatest aspiration in 2010, imagine! I was like a kid with new shoes.

What did it mean to win the contest My own show Franca Sozzani?

Being recognized as the best young designer by Franca Sozzani, Sarah Main and the team of Vogue Italia is the best way to support my work. It is a very good letter of recommendation.

By winning the contest could you produce your collection in the house Valentino. For someone layman what you brought this possibility in the face of your collection?

It was the prize for winning the contest My Own Show. I had to make my career final thesis before a jury imposing assure you very much. I was just in front of me to Franca Sozzani, Vogue Italia Director. Right Riva Group Paolo Valentino and Alessandro Varisco left Moschino. I was not aware of where I was getting and decided to relax and talk calmly about what was working for almost a year. Everything happened very quickly, in just under four minutes I defended my project the best it can. Finally, the jury ruled in my favor and Valentino decided that the group would be responsible for the production of the collection.

From there I was living in Madrid and Milan three months reviewing the production from start to finish. It was like group work, five people were responsible for helping in the selection of materials, fabrics and trimmings. The availability of the file and choose Valentino textile myself the qualities of the garments. It was something incredible happens rarely. The result was something I was pleasantly surprised. Working side by side with such great people and have a facility where you can create whatever you want without having to think about budget or complexity is something that could not have done. It was like dreaming that you are in a mall and you can take and do whatever you want.

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