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Designer of the month: Moses Nieto (II). "Work is not only found on the runways, we must reach the customer"

Moses Nieto Photo: Mark Rico.

After a first approach to Moses Nieto , close your interview as Designer of the month at Jared with a second part where he talks about his favorite fabrics, their colors, their designers and a fashionable way to deal with beyond a runway, basic fact in any business proposal that seeks a bright future based on a job well done. Moses Nieto speech.

In the Fall-Winter 2012/2013 of Cybele you took the prize for best collection. What did it mean to you to win this award? Did it end up invested money in improving the firm as saying?

Yes, the money is invested entirely in the creation of the company and production. Having that financial support to move forward is fortunate. My family is not engaged in the industry, I have a tailor or dressmaker mother. But your work is recognized and rewarded is the best reward. It is a push to continue on this line and take small steps to move forward.

The Ego de Cibeles has submitted three collections, how soon the big jump to the catwalk?

Not up to me. The calendar is full.

What is the importance of print in the collections of Moses Nieto?

Never abuse the stamping ground. Yes it charges a small part in blouses and skirts, but never more than four looks. Working with designers and illustrators to create prints. Menendez Abraham is one of them. It is a pleasure to work with him, it costs us but we always understand the key!

At the same time, you get tired, and you choose clothes sober and simple, smooth and close to minimalism. What do you want to convey to them?

The latest collection, Virginia, talks about the monastic dress and purity. So I did not want to abuse of shapes and volumes. Yet the collection is fairly complete in all respects. Wide variety of fabrics, shapes, materials and printing. I think it is the key to a collection can be produced at the same time cause admiration.

Moses Nieto

Questions can not miss the million: What are your main inspirations? And your reference designers?

Everything around us at any given time can be inspiring, depend on the sensitivity with which we perceive. Nothing and no one in particular. I have a predilection for the work of Balenciaga and Riccardo Tisci, are the past and the future of couture.

And what are your favorite fabrics and colors?

I usually have a fairly broad palette of fabrics in my collections. The latest collection highlighted by the mixture of different qualities and textures. It seems interesting to include new technical fabrics like neoprene combination with the natives. I think that can be complemented to perfection without losing its qualities.
In terms of color often get the white basis, but this always depends on the theme of the collection.

What is needed now to mount an own firm? Apart from creativity, what are the means required for that change?

This is the hardest part. Primarily you should be clear where you want to direct your future and what you can offer. In my case I have clear that my work is an important part of business and company, I live what I do and dreams.

From here it is important to surround yourself with a good team and know how to delegate.
And above all, have people in charge of all economic, commercial and bureaucracy that until recently unknown.

Moses Nieto

I recently have begun to count on the team TDI Communication that will manage the communication. When it comes time to ask something? What benefits contributes to the work you have a company in that sector back?

There comes a time when the work overflows. I have been quite educational in all my work. Design, patronar, sewing, caring for stylists, print, organize parades ...
In the end however much you want you can not cover all the work and never will as do the professionals in each sector. In the case of TDI very much helped me focus on my work and let them lead the media. We complement each other very well and that is quite noticeable in the growth of the company.

I imagine the vertigo before presenting a collection will always be present. What are these just before the parade and until you start to receive the first opinions?

I'm usually pretty quiet until the days before the parade. The worst comes the day of the show, there need to surround myself with all my work computer and avoid me. I do not like to rush and work in the last minute. Floors have everything ready a few days.
So enjoy it more and I have the typical setbacks. Since there is always an adrenaline rush. It is the part I like about my job.

You've tried a first approach to online sales and soon Facebook lanzaréis own an online store. How do you face this career path?

The official website is already up and launched in early June. We months working on the production of the collection, photographing garments and preparing everything for sale online. We think the best way to reach everyone. You must have a good website focused on the sale, is the tool that is being demanded and the rate of online shopping in Spain is growing significantly. So join us this platform. The website that you saw is only for sale of stock.

Moses Nieto

What is the way for a young designer can make a living with fashion?

In my case the most important is to know who it is for your product and how you manage it. My idea is to live forever I do. Make two annual parade and collections saved in a closet is not much. The work is not only found on the runways, we must reach the customer and that want to have one of your sweaters in your closet.

Where is the future of Moses Nieto? How Spain or in any international market?

For now I want to go warily and become a niche in the domestic market. Defend the national product and produce in Spain. I find this value to the brand. Still we have to have several orders in other countries like Sweden and Mexico. We will grow as will the brand setting, but I have no hurry.

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