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Discovering new brands: Uke spring-summer 2012

uke ss 2012

Among the big names in prices beyond the reach of most mortals and firms that offer low cost clones and replicas of catwalk trends disposable, there is a wide range of brands that allow what some seek: to be different , original and stylish dress well and have a closet that look like in the morning. Uke gives us something, a firm that despite its Norwegian name is not a signature duvet, but Spanish.

uke ss 2012 2

Uke introduces the concept of minimalism sunny and this is reflected in her spring-summer 2012: clothing comfortable, elegant, high quality, simple but with certain details that make them interesting and cutting edge, original patterns, but without falling into the eccentricity and working with traditional materials such as denim, leather, cotton, silk, or point, still can bring new ideas to the world of fashion design.

New denim

It is difficult for a tissue as the cowboy is suitable for summer, but Uke collection reinvents lightweight construction making fresh cuts clothes and look very appetizing to most scorching in the sun.

uke denim

uke denim2

uke denim3

Point summer

Pretty much the same as we discussed the denim we can say the point. Adding pastel colors and geometric shapes, this catalog retrieves sweaters and knitted dresses for when the heats begin to tighten.

uke point

uke point2

uke point 4

Cool and chic

One of the most complicated of the summer (apart from finding somewhere to park by the beach) is to dress stylish without falling into the clich├ęs of summer tank tops, jeans shorts and skirts with flowers. But yes, there is life beyond the typical summer dress, made of soft colors, light materials, building a new tailoring of white shirts, shorts, black dresses, skirts, buttoned in front, harem pants and ankle pants, overalls, etc.

uke ss 2012 3

A fresh collection, in that perfect middle ground between the elegant and casual, which helps to survive any situation.

ss uke April 2012

It is on sale all over Spain in most of the best multi-brand stores in the country. So if you liked the brand as much as me, it's not hard to find.

uke ss 2012 5

Photo Gallery

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