Friday, May 25, 2012

Do you follow trends or you are anti trends?

streststyle white skirt

There are two ways of approaching the world of fashion and trends: blindly follow or observe from afar and choose the clothes that we favor more, more and more like we are of our way, ignoring the dictates of the magazines. Many times we find a balance between, but sometimes the choice is radical: which side you belong?

Magazines, fashion blogs, celebrities and stores team up for the trends are the queens. The magazines with special early season trends, the famous and their stylists, knowing that the first star that leads the trend of the moment (are the flowers, polka dots, pastel shades, or what you play this year) will in all collages of trends in magazines, although trends are set to be fully spring and we are in November.

Play continues on blogs: the more boxes you check in the check-list of trends will be the fashionista number 1, and so we cut cake, flowers pants, casual chic satchel bags in shades neos ... seems to be a competition which trends take over, often wearing meaningless trends and all at once. And for the record that all the looks that appear on the blog, I like, going about with my roll, I think all successful, even if the two sides, both the team and the team trends or anti trends.

streststyle cake

Of course, low cost stores are targeted like crazy this last year you had to bring color block it or yes, but this year not even think that is out for this year is to wear pastel colors. The stores are becoming less basic items of wardrobe and quality, because with the fast fashion, fashion disposable, they ensure that every year you have to renew your wardrobe almost entirely if not want to seem outdated. This year is easier to find a pair of flowers on a white shirt that feels good, for instance.

flowers pants clochet

In addition, recent trends do not take into account what looks good on every body. Generally, almost all of the modes are designed for very high and very thin bodies of the mannequins from the catwalks. They try to homogenize fashion, patterns and colors when each person has a body entirely. So we are not meeting the standards (the vast majority, on the other hand), the shopping experience is frustrating.

In short, with all those pressing everywhere, it is difficult to resist this game trends. There are few people with a genuine style, which no matter what they take because they have well-defined tastes, whether classic, bohemian, quirky or lady. These people know what favors them and what not, the colors that they feel good and not. As much as the magazines say that if the lines go up or down, they always carried because the like. Choose comfortable clothes, pretty, with which they feel comfortable, and know to look to his personal charm. And turn their backs on the trends.

pedro sushi blue jacket

My conclusion to this battle: stay with you like and fits you well, and discards all the fashions that are imposed. As much as I have loved the flowered shirt bearing your blogger header, think before you buy if you will continue wearing that shirt in the three years when fashion bust. If the item is worth and you love take the lead and who is in fashion or not, you'll stay with it, and if not, pass by. Your style will thank you.

pedro sushi striped flowers

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