Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Draw sunglasses Ray-Ban Mister Spex

Sorteo gafas de sol Ray-Ban de Mister Spex giving away a pair of sunglasses Ray-Ban ! We want to thank you for following us and celebrate that at last the sun is shining, and nothing like brand new sunglasses with new trends :).

These sunglasses Ray-Ban style "cat eye" are beautiful and can be yours by participating in this sweepstakes!

1. Need to be a facebook fan of

2. Post a picture on our wall with the text: "giving away a pair of sunglasses from Ray-ban Mister Spex"

3. Share the photo on your wall with the text you want. To share the photo you just have to give the word "share" that appears under the photo, and then in the window that opens, the eyelash "public". It is very important that you do so, it is the only way we can account for your participation.

4. Leave a comment under the photo on the wall, explaining that you've participated.

Sorteo gafas de sol Ray-Ban de Mister Spex

Sunglasses Ray-Ban RB 4152 601 Vagabond

Sorteo gafas de sol Ray-Ban de Mister Spex

You see these sunglasses has a very stylish design with this retro style known as "cat eye"! And thanks to the collaboration of glasses online store can be yours.

You can enter the sweepstakes from Wednesday 23 to Tuesday 29 May, which will close the draw and we will announce the winner! So many luck to all!

The draw is only valid for residents in Spain.

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