Thursday, May 3, 2012

Fan of the new collection of White, do you feel the same?


When I spoke to White always came to my mind the hateful (for my taste) vanilla scent rare to walk into the store and shoddy garments. But the crisis seems to have been stepping up and surprise me every season for the better. If last week my partner Colino we moved his collection Summerlicious , today we showed the rest of it. What to say? I want everything, everything, everything.

And if there's something I like for this season but I have not yet dared to buy are shirts with print eighties chains, mixing colors and impossible. I like what I see, but once I put it not me.


But perhaps you like the garment and printing. Perhaps, because in this life never tastes the same. Does Print tribal? Become with this model. And what do you think the bikini? Cute, too bad once in store (almost) sure has five layers of filling ...


Choose the dress that best suits your style

A garment that I love for summer clothing. Comfortable, cool and easy to combine, it makes my days easier. And is that very little can get a lot.


The prints are making a lot of tissue type, and an example brings us this model predominantly pastel mint green, peach and beige. What do you think?


And another pattern that prevails is tropical. Top Copa Cabana, the coco-nuts and palm trees! Feel the power of summer with this dress pattern, how do you stay?


You might like the prints but the print does not want to carry everywhere. Try this dress in strawberry and tribal details.


Even if you get the heat that wears white as if it were the only color on earth can this model with strapless neckline and frills you fall in love. I love it!


What do you think?

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