Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fashion & Blogs 103: DIY, Cannes, magazines and reflections

103 fashion blogs

New post in which he recommended some Spanish fashion blogs, and it will be because this week I'm tad obsessed with DIY (I guess by the change of season) but two of my chosen blogs talking about it. Could not miss a nod to the Cannes Film Festival as one of the most important industry of fashion magazines.

For / the most crafty, Monica Missatlaplaya brings some DIY that are self-explanatory, but some free time.

And we have set to work, learn a little more technique stamping blog Patricia Shopaholic.

Now that you have completed the Cannes Film Festival, we look more closely at the dresses of the guests and realize, thanks to Mai Styleonthestreet , the damage he has done Angelina's leg.

Laura's blog PreetandPoor speaks of those magazines that are not as well known such as the great headers but have the same charm or more than them.

103 fashion blogs

He did not want to miss the opportunity to discuss the post-reflection of Rachel Doublecloth after publication of the magazine and its special S Fashion plus sizes.

Photos | Missatlaplaya , Doublecloth
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