Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fashion I never thought I would see: an afro hair

Esperanza Spalding hair

Just when you think there are certain fashions that never and will never see because they go back many years ago, fashion and trends and are you surprised that what was once old-fashioned super, now turns out to be the coolest. That sucuede with Afro hair, that if a hairstyle that reminded us of the Black Power and the psychedelia of the 70 super is back in trend. And so it turns out that a few girls with a strong personality, very stylish and very clear ideas claim to afro hair as part of their identity. Cases in which the hair becomes more complementary, with a role parallel to that of sculpture sandals high heel or at the latest designer handbag sellers.

Esperanza Spalding

Take note of this name, because this young jazz singer voice very sweet face and suggests ways to become a big name brands such as demanded by the image sought by the best parties as new face of forced appearance. For now Esperanza Spalding and picked up the new artist Grammy in 2011.

spalding hope grammy 2011

Your choices for the red carpets are as risky as her hairstyle. Here she is at the Grammy Awards 2012, and the pre-event party.

spalding hope grammy 2012

Red carpet for the Oscars this year chose a simple blue dress. With styling that size does not need more so that all eyes were fixed on her.

spalding hope oscars 2012

Julia Sarr Jamois

That every tendency to consolidate, needs a Voguette to extend in blogs and magazines. And the most important representative is Julia Sarr Jamois, a Franco-Senegalese writer for the magazine Wonderland and that is the purpose of the cameras Tommy Ton, Scott Schuman, and other hunters Mustaparta Hanneli Snapshot Fashion Weeks of half the world .

julia sarr jamois hairstyle

In Jared has long realized his particular style , such as mixtures of patterns and bursts of color.

julia sarr jamois prints

Julia Sarr Jamois leaves many outfits to remember his past as a model and lets you show off with ease and self-confidence.

julia jamois sarr Color

Solange Knowles

The hermanísima Beyoncé has discovered a way to make away with his sister to highlight your hair base. And they are getting.

solange knowles hairstyle

Solange Knowles bet for bright colors and a prescriptive style is proving more successful than Beyonce.

solange knowles meth 2012

His voluminous afro hairdo gets a touch cool even elegant and classic styling.

solange knowles short hair

And on the red carpet parties and other events is becoming an essential name.

solange knowles white


As in any fashion that stands out, there are always people who jump on the wagon, as Rihanna . Your hairdresser has more work than administrative Inem because the singer change their hairstyle as one who drinks coffee. And in his short, long, brown, blond and half manes also had time to wear an afro hairstyle, tinged with red, though. For that is Rihanna.

afro rihanna

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