Monday, May 7, 2012

Fashion on the Street: Mad for Africa


The taste of the sort takes time from Africa themselves over brands and collections that are launched. Not from the view from the luxury inspiration via Herm├Ęs , also, but rather from the orgy of prints this summer. Africa has everything we want: colors, patterns varied, multiple geometry and risk. In Fashion on the street and have encouraged many.

Palazzo pants

Palazzo pants

Within pants we see that the fashion ankle air is not met and that the palazzo are key for its exaggerated length and in form, like the exuberant prints. Not worth a little risk here and there, if you choose, you choose well, as we see Lucitisima (first image) and Skinny Hipster, both with a model of Zara .

More is more

Skirt Africa

Speaking of African fashion we can not choose in any case for minimalism. It is the opposite. It is true that you can carry on the percentage that you like but the style as such term is not afraid of "too much". Laureen Uy demonstrated with this combination in which the accessories are key. Multiple bracelets, differing in size and a necklace of equally showy Stylista. Another detail to add to this trend is the taste for navel tops and air . You can kill two birds with one stone.

print dress

Even the more modern designs borrowed some ideas to include a very cute short dresses, like this one from Lulu's. The blogger Christina Caradona always a hit.

Passion for geometry

africa top

After burning a taste for both Navajo on all sides, the geometry becomes synonymous with Africa, with greater richness and variety. The full tribal print tops, shirts, dresses and other clothing, as this design that looks Trendphile Camille Co.

africa miniskirt

Daniela Ramirez prefers to opt for a Tight miniskirt Our Price of Peace in a color very noventero that although not much his style (it is recommended for modern profiles) as well with a transparent blouse.

geometry dress

In short, with black as well striking contrast, Maddy C combines with generous wedges in red passion that I do not like anything, Papilion.

black africa

The taste for Africa also can show off in a restrained, without so many excesses. Mizuho H does not fail with this jersey returning to opt for the black background and bright colors as above.

print dress

And as we are in a time where everything can become a pattern, especially animals, why not a pot? Knowing & Why is an original design to your hand between moles and tiny print some more vintage sofas.

Photos | Lucitisima , Mizuho H , Laureen Uy , Skinny Hipster , Camille Co , Knowing & Why , Daniela Ramirez , Christina Caradona , Maddy C ,
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